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Dr. Vivek Manchanda, MD

Medical Director, ELPIS Pain Management  Center
Dr. Vivek Manchanda, MD

Medical Director, Dr. Vivek Manchanda, MD is TRIPLE BOARD – CERTIFIED – a distinction held by less than 1% of practicing Pain Physicians. He is Board Certified in Pain Medicine, Anesthesiology and Internal Medicine.

He did his internal medicine residency at University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada. He was involved in research at University of California, Davis Medical Center in the Department of Gastroenterology. His research was aimed at evaluating the safety and efficacy of various drug combinations in patients with Hepatitis C. He was also involved in research at University of Nevada, Reno in the Department of Physiology. His research was focused on pain signaling in neurons.

After graduating from Internal Medicine residency, Dr. Manchanda entered into anesthesiology residency at University of Missouri – Columbia, Missouri. While at Mizzou, Dr. Manchanda was actively engaged in research in both pain management and anesthesiology. For his hard work and leadership skills, he was chosen to be the CHIEF RESIDENT in Anesthesiology. He also received scholarship from American Pain Society to attend the 28th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Pain Society in San Diego, California in 2009.

After completing residency, he went for his fellowship training in Pain Medicine at University of Cincinnati, Ohio. At the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Manchanda mastered the most advanced techniques available for pain management. He was chosen to be the CHIEF FELLOW in Pain Medicine. The University of Cincinnati is the oldest academic pain management department in the United States.

While at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Manchanda engaged in several research activities. He has authored papers for peer-reviewed medical journals and written textbook chapters in pain management books. He was actively involved with teaching medical students and medical residents. Dr. Manchanda Dr. Manchanda frequently teaches at national and international seminars on groundbreaking topics in pain management such as Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) and Intrathecal Drug Delivery Systems (IDDS) and has published extensively. He also continues to be involved in the latest and advancements in the specialty of pain management.

Dr. Manchanda is excited to bring the newest and most advanced techniques to treat pain management to Saint Louis, Missouri. Dr. Manchanda is well known among his colleagues for his strong commitment to ethical patient care and compassion. He practices Evidence-based, Multidisciplinary Pain Management and avoids the usage of addicting narcotic medications unless all other treatment options have failed. The ultimate goal of the Elpis Pain Center is to provide our patients with the latest treatment options and make them a functional member of the society.

Our office staff has advanced knowledge in pain management, providing outstanding, compassionate care for patients in pain.


ELPIS staff members work closely with the physicians to educate and inform patients regarding individualized treatment plans. One of our staff will escort you into the exam room, take your vital signs and assist the physician with medical procedures. Our nurses are also available to answer any questions you might have.

For a LIFE with less pain,
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