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Our philosophy at the Elpis Pain Center, LLC. is to help our patients manage their Acute and Chronic Pain through a Multidisciplinary Approach. There are many causes and types of pain, and the treatment must attack each type and cause through different technique.

Often many modalities are used to treat chronic pain. A combined use of nerve blocks, nerve ablations, surgical implants, physical therapy, exercises, psychotherapy, lifestyle changes and medications allow us to offer comprehensive services to help our patients. We are able to provide a superior standard of care by offering some of the newest and most advanced techniques that are available.

Our Philosophy and Approach

Our Medical Director, Dr. Vivek Manchanda, is a strong advocate of Evidence Based Medicine. Pain Management is a very rapidly evolving field. Dr Manchanda believes that a Pain Management Physician should evolve quickly as well. New techniques or procedures and medications are introduced into market every day. He attends seminars to learn about those latest techniques and medications regularly. He is also involved in Clinical Trials of many of the new medications. He will not do any procedures or techniques that have not been clinically proven to provide benefit for the patient.


Dr. Manchanda is renowned by his colleagues for his ethical and compassionate care for his patients. He has set the standard very high for the Elpis Pain Center, and is committed to making it a true center of excellence for the treatment of chronic pain.

About Us

Accomplished Professionals with a Comprehensive Approach
For a LIFE with less pain,
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